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Mid-State Wine and Liquors

5301 Rosslyn Road, Houston, Texas 77091

Telephone: (713) 682-0800

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June 17, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

SEO-Exchange has improved our website greatly with the use and help of key buzz words that SEO-Exchange has implemented throughout our website. Now our customers can easily find our website during their web searches.

SEO-Exchange has also increased our business awareness immensely by connecting our website through the social media tools like facebook, twitter etc.

We continue to get new customers from national and international customers. I strongly recommend that companies use SEO-Exchange so they can see their business opportunities grow by using the internet.

Lastly, we are very pleased with the response time and prompt service that SEO-exchange provides when we want to post comentaries or update on our website.


Leon D. Sierra

Written Testimonial #2

A “Preferred” Career & Resume Service

2704 East North Street, Greenville, South Carolina 29615

Telephone: (864) 292-5288       / Long Distance Toll-Free: (800) 350-0993

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December 4, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

In the fall of 2007, SEO-Exchange “Optimized” the website for my company ( The amount of “visits” to my website increased tremendously, which also led to an increase in new business from individuals nationwide.

Visits to my website increased from virtually -0- (nationwide) to 900-1000 per month.

I found SEO-Exchange to be extremely knowledgeable about helping grow my website presence, and very professional to work with.

I highly recommend SEO-Exchange for any help you might need with your website. I’ve worked with a number of “Information Technology” professionals over the years, and I put SEO-Exchange at the top of my list.

If you have any questions about using SEO-Exchange to help your web presence grow, please call me toll-free at 1-800-350-0993, and I will gladly answer any of your questions about his work with my website and the positive results I’ve seen because of their efforts.


Bob Prock

Written Testimonial #3

Pengs Acupuncture & Herb Clinic

9968 Bellaire Blvd, Suite 210B, Houston, Texas 77036

Telephone:(713) 779-8887

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October 27, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

My website has improved greatly with the help of SEO-Exchange. I am getting hits more frequently and from multiple parts of the country with his work. I have been able to gain additional business from customers finding my website during their web searches. I am very pleased with the results that SEO-Exchange has invested in helping me get my website out on the internet.


Dr. David Peng

(832) 648-2525