When Should I Start An SEO Campaign For My Houston Business?

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Do you have an SEO campaign set up and running for your organization? If you answered “no,” you’re in good company. If you said “not yet,” you’re part of a huge crowd. Most people know that SEO can help their business and want to implement it; they’re just not sure when to take the plunge.

The truth is that anytime will work, but the sooner the better.

The Set-up/Discovery Phase Of Your SEO Campaign

Depending on what you need, you can get started on an SEO strategy for your Houston business in a fairly short time. However, your overall goals or your industry specialty can lengthen the process. Many things will affect the overall discover and set-up time including:

  • Keyword research – how many keywords you want to try and rank for.
  • Competitor analysis from an SEO standpoint – how much competition you can expect in your industry or specific business niche. Who’s doing SEO well and what can you learn from them?
  • What your current website traffic looks like and how much you want to improve it.
  • Current bounce rates for your site – are people staying for long periods of time or leaving after just a few minutes?
  • The number of pages and overall size of your website that need to be written and/or optimized.

The information you learn during the set up phase can help determine how long it might take to start seeing results from your Houston SEO campaign.

After the discovery phase is over and your website is SEO ready, you’ll want to take the time to create a content marketing strategy to execute over the course of the next several months. Your Houston SEO firm can make suggestions for you and even assist with content creation.

Successful SEO Requires Time And Patience

There’s no specific formula for when SEO marketing bears fruit, but it won’t happen overnight and it varies based on your goals.

If your objective is simply to rank higher than your current search engine results for general keyword topics, you could see results within a month. Conversely, if you’re in a very competitive market and want to rank in the top three results for a very specific keyword, you might be waiting years. However, the average result time is more on the order of six to nine months if you follow your plan and regularly publish valuable content.

Some industries such as Real Estate have the advantage of working an SEO program around their busy times to ensure good results. Since home buying picks up in the spring, Realtors can start (or increase) SEO strategies in the fall knowing that it could take several months to move higher up in the search engine results where potential home buyers will find them come spring.

Don’t Wait Any Longer

The old adage, “There’s no time like the present,” was never truer than with SEO. You can improve your placement in the search engine rankings and be on your way to increased sales – but you have to start now because it does take time.

Here’s a good analogy. If you want to lose twenty pounds for that upcoming class reunion, you need to begin dieting a few months (not a few weeks) before the party to hit your goal weight. What’s more, you need to do the right things every day to keep dropping those pounds. SEO works in much the same way.

Choose An Effective Partner For SEO In Houston

Just like any good marketing strategy, SEO is never really complete. It’s a continuous process whereby you keep publishing and updating content to keep customers engaged and interested in your product or service day after day, month after month, year after year.

At SEO-Exchange, we’ll help your Houston business create a solid SEO campaign from the ground up that meets all your expectations both now and in the future.

To get the improved exposure and increased revenue that great SEO can provide, call us today at (832) 687-4167.

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