How To Get Online Reviews To Boost Your Business Image

Here at SEO-Exchange, we understand that online marketing tools are always evolving. It’s our job to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that our clients have access to the latest promotional resources to both edge out the competition as well as continuously broaden the reach of their business brand. One of the most powerful marketing strategies we’ve found for businesses in every industry and vertical? Online reviews.

Why Online Reviews Are Important

Online reviews are essentially the modern equivalent of traditional word-of-mouth marketing and customer referrals. Touting an extensive (aka global!) influence, online reviews have quickly established themselves as a significant way for companies of every size and scope to make a major impact with their target audience. The result? A recent study shows that 70% of Americans say that they look at product and business reviews before making a purchasing decision. In short, more and more consumers are proving that they would rather deal with a company offering online reviews than blindly purchase from a competitor that doesn’t.

Key Considerations When Using Online Reviews

At SEO-Exchange we always encourage using online reviews as part of a comprehensive Internet marketing campaign. The best place to start your online review initiative? With your best customers! Always be sure to ask your customers to review your business after you’ve provided them with great service.

Additionally, when soliciting input from your clients, make the review process as easy as possible.

  • Be very specific about where you’d like them to leave a review (see the list below)
  • Provide a link directly to your page on the review site
  • Add a “Review us on ___” button to your website that links to the review site
  • Ask for a review and include the link on other correspondence, such as emails, invoices and newsletters
  • Set up an iPad or other mobile device in your office or lobby and allow clients to login to their social accounts and review you right on the spot

Some Of The Most-Reputable Places To Direct Your Customers To Write A Review Include:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Judysbook
  • Citysearch
  • Insider Pages
  • Yelp
  • Hotfrog

Using Customer Incentives To Build Your Online Review Presence

Offering an incentive for people who write a great review for your business is not only an excellent way to encourage your clients, but it also showcases your dedication to customer service. Small gratuities such as 5% off a future purchase, free shipping or the chance to sample a new product are all great ways to show your appreciation for clients who take the time to promote your organization. Even a simple “thank you” personally extended to each and every reviewer can go a long way with reinforcing customer loyalty to ensure that you sustain a positive relationship with your existing happy customers while also reaching new customers.

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