How to Add a New Administrator to a Company Page

Here are 5 simple thorough steps for adding an administrator on a company page. This will have to be completed by someone who is already an administrator to the page. I am a visual person so i decided to take the time to create images for you. In return please share my article or link to it via blog, social media etc.

1. Login to

2. Hover over interests and click on “companies”


3. Search for your company by either going to the “following tab” or by the “search companies” tab. Find your company.


4. Click “edit” on top right corner and then click edit page… Almost there 🙂


5. You must be connected to the linkedin member in order to add them as an administrator. After that step is complete just type in their name and it should pop-up. (troubleshooting: if their name doesn’t pop-up they may be connected to you under a subaccount. Try sending them another invite from your main linkedin account. If that doesnt work logout and log back in.)


6. If you want to connect this company page to its as simple as loging into your account via “hootsuite” and checkmarking the company page.


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